The Lee GOP learned about Commissioner Kevin Dodson’s change of party affiliation through social media on Monday. He did not share his plans with the Lee County Republican Party before making his decision, nor did he attempt to share his misgivings about the party with any Lee GOP officials.

The Lee County GOP does not like losing elected Republicans to the democrat party; but it happens from time to time. Some local officials make a calculated decision to change parties, and the decision usually revolves around one of two things- (1) expediency in getting re-elected or moving up to higher office; or (2) business reasons. Rarely does the decision have anything to do with aligning one’s values with the party that best represents those values (which is what bona fide public servants should do).

The majority of Americans associate themselves with the values enumerated in the Republican Party Platform, whether they affiliate that way or not. Mr. Dodson has joined and now affiliates with the party that supports unrestricted government-funded abortions, the removal of God from all institutions other than the church, strict limitations on gun ownership, sanctuary cities, and open borders that allow illegal immigration into the U.S.

I had a long talk recently with Mr. Dodson about his left-leaning voting record on the Board of Commissioners. It was a private meeting in which I expressed disappointment in his failure to support his fellow Republican on the board and his proclivity for voting with the democrats on virtually every matter. During the meeting, I offered Mr. Dodson Republican Party resources to learn more about conservatism and how to best represent our party platform. I suppose his change in party affiliation is his answer to that offer.

The Lee County Republican Party is certainly disappointed in losing this important seat on the board of commissioners. But we are encouraged that other, more conservative citizens are waiting in the wings to challenge Mr. Dodson and his fellow democrats in 2018 and 2020.

Jim Womack, Chairman Lee GOP