Americans are responding magnificently to help those suffering the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey in southeast Texas and southwest Louisiana. The following organizations are among the finest proven organizations, worthy of your financial or physical support.

Louisiana Cajun Navy

This superb grass roots organization was quickly on the scene in aid of Texas flood victims with a flotilla of more than 300 volunteers with boats. Your donations to this group help pay for their food, communications, boat maintenance and gasoline for their operations. You can read more or donate directly at

Team Rubicon

For veterans with emergency operations or medical skills, take note of this site. Team Rubicon is an all-veteran and first-responder organization with specialized skills for crisis like Hurricane Harvey relief. You can find out more at their website. You can donate your time or money at this site,

Samaritan’s Purse

This wonderful organization, based in North Carolina, is managed by Franklin Graham, son of Evangelist Billy Graham. Samaritan’s Purse already has crisis relief teams deployed to two sites in east Texas and has three more planned for deployment soon. You can donate directly to this organization or volunteer to be a member of their aid teams. The website is

Salvation Army

This organization is also well known for its direct humanitarian work to provide food, clothing, and other aid in the local area. The website for donating to their specific Hurricane Harvey relief in east Texas is located here.

JJ Watt’s Fund for Hurricane Relief

Sports fans, take note of All Pro football player JJ Watt’s fund drive to help Harvey victims. JJ is a member of the Houston Texans and has mustered support from dozens of athletes from many sports to help make donations and matching funds available for disaster relief in and around Houston. The fund is already over $11 Million and rising hourly.

Red Cross

The American Red Cross is well known for its humanitarian aid in crisis locations. You can help by donating blood locally or by volunteering to work in their teams in Texas. You can donate directly to the Harvey Relief effort at